Teachers and Parents

Dated: January, 2017
Dear Parent or Teacher,
I am personally writing this page as I am extremely proactive in supporting and encouraging young readers and I
have done so through my numerous artistic and written endeavours over the years.
This is a subject that is extremely important and very personal to me and I would like you to know that I will listen to
any question or request you may have about your young reader(s) and how I can help as an author.
Please contact my office if you are a parent or a teacher and would like to learn more about my young readers
initiatives and how we can help your young reader(s) get access to books and materials, specially discounted packages
related to my  children's books only available to qualified schools and parents.
We can be contacted via email, but please note that we receive requests every day so make sure you put my name
clearly in the letter and put PARENT/TEACHER REQUEST in your email header, state your question or needs as
clearly as you can and in a brief manner so we can deal with the most urgent of needs first.
One of my office staff will get back to you within 7 days during normal business hours, to further assist you.
Thank You,
Nicholas A. Price
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